Turner Self-Perform is an integrated service offering of Turner’s Philadelphia office that provides quality union carpentry and labor services for several trades including demolition, concrete, and carpentry. Consolidating Turner’s small-tool resources to be more competitive in the market, our staff brings first-hand knowledge of these trades to every project. We offer owners on-site flexibility by either competing as a subcontractor or working directly for the owner and we work to identify opportunities for competitive pricing on lump-sum and self-perform work. The benefit of utilizing Turner Self-Perform is that we are able to control more thoroughly safety, cost, schedule, and quality on the job.

If you would like to learn more about how Turner Self-Perform can make a difference on your project, please contact:

Justin Rossi
Trades Manager
(215) 262-8444

Steve Malloy
Self-Perform Operations Manager
(267) 446-6303


1500 Spring Garden Street, Suite 220
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone: (215) 496-8800


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