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Turner is a North America-based, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments.

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Our people bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. Our expertise and value-added offerings support our clients throughout the lifespan of the construction process.

As the largest general contractor in the country, Turner is a leader in all major market segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, sports, aviation, pharmaceutical, retail and green building.

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An awarding and fulfilling career awaits you at Turner! Join our team and build some of the most exciting and innovative projects around the world.

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Four Seasons Modernization

Four Seasons Modernization

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Our Markets

Turner works across multiple industries, partnering with clients on projects varying in scale and complexity on local, national, and global stages.

Innovative Solutions

Using innovative and sustainable practices, we mobilize resources quickly and efficiently to deliver complex environments for a variety market segments.

From aviation, healthcare, and sports to renewable energy, biotech, aerospace, and technology, our breadth of knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver tailored solutions that address our client's unique needs and exceed their expectations.

Aviation & Transportation
Sports & Public Assembly
Pharmaceutical & BioTech
Industrial & Advanced Manufacturing
Global Critical Facilities

We have completed over 1,000+ projects in the aviation and transportation industries. Our diverse global portfolio, covering terminals, airfields, rental car facilities, hangars, and cargo facilities, is proof of our team's expertise. We build where the world flies.

Aviation & Transportation Leadership

Jay Fraser

Senior Vice President (786) 621-9001
Steven Rule

Vice President, Project Director (510) 267-8100
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Turner has a rich history of federal projects, such as Brooklyn’s WWI Army Terminals, and recently the Capitol Dome restoration. With experts nationwide, the Federal group specializes in governmental facilities and collaborates with local teams to provide guidance, support, and leadership. They handle projects involving regulatory compliance, high security, complex inspections, and occupied facilities.

Federal Leadership

Jerry Crawford

Vice President (214) 721-8400
Jeffrey Unger

Business Development Manager (703) 841-5200
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We understand that communities associate themselves with their gathering spaces. As industry leaders, we utilize our expertise in revenue generation, infrastructure needs, and facility adaptability to construct professional and collegiate sports venues, as well as convention centers that unite communities.

Sports & Public Assembly Leadership

Dewey Newton

Senior Vice President (816) 283-0555
Chris Caluya

Project Executive
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Turner's healthcare group applies global best practices, making us a trusted partner for public, private, and institutional healthcare systems. Completing 300+ projects yearly, we ensure patient and staff safety, reduce waste, and go beyond to ensure a successful transition into operations. 

Healthcare Leadership

Randy Keiser

Senior Vice President (615) 812-5146
Jennifer Garland

Director, Medical Equipment and Transition Planning
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Turner specializes in delivering construction management services for the Biotech, Pharma, and MedTech sectors. Our licensed and registered experts are experienced in designing, installing, and operating the most sophisticated environments for clients on the cutting edge of health and wellbeing breakthroughs. Trusted globally, our group delivers project certainty when realizing complex pharma and biotech projects. 

Pharmaceutical & BioTech Leadership

Bob Goworek

Vice President (908) 705-6382
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Manufacturing facilities and technology are a vital part of America’s advancement. Our building specialists collaborate to productize your facility. This cross-disciplinary “kit of parts” approach to building gets your production online faster.

Industrial & Advanced Manufacturing Leadership

Matthew Gulley

Vice President, Semiconductor
James Brownrigg

Senior Vice President (713) 840-8441
Scott Bulera

Vice President, Battery (410) 715-7253
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Our technology group completes billions annually in mission-critical and data center projects for leading technology, telecom, and financial services clients. Our diverse portfolio encompasses Edge, Enterprise, Hyperscale, and Colocation facilities. We emphasize timely delivery and adapt to changing requirements through rigorous planning and execution.

Global Critical Facilities Leadership

Ben Kaplan

Senior Vice President (914) 400-4452
Jason Sanders

Vice President, General Manager (816) 283-0555
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Unparalleled building expertise.

Turner provides project management expertise that spans all market sectors, delivering a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients.

With our wide-ranging resources, we offer an array of services, such as site feasibility and resiliency studies, design reviews, market labor assessments, equipment selection and supply chain management, transition planning, and much more.

Our team is committed to delivering a personalized approach that prioritizes operational integrity, speed-to-market, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability to meet your unique requirements.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement & Supply Chain

As a strategic partner to our Market Sector Groups, SourceBlue helps clients make the most informed supply chain decisions.

SourceBlue's direct connections with OEMs and open-book approach to pricing elevates the planning and procurement experience to safeguard schedules and budgets.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction

Our future-forward VDC services remove variables that could affect your project’s budget and schedule.

But tools and technology alone can’t guarantee success; our dedicated VDC engineers skillfully apply services in a fully integrated manner that provides value for all project stakeholders.

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Offsite Building Benefits

Offsite Building Benefits

Shifting the traditional building activities away into safer controlled manufacturing-like environments contributes to schedule certainty, reduced waste, and improved site safety.

Turner’s offsite and prefabrication strategies can also reduce onsite labor requirements for a pharmaceutical project by 10% or more.

Build Offsite
Integrated Self-Perform

Integrated Self-Perform

With over 300 experienced carpenters and laborers, Turner self-performs aspects of projects, such as concrete repair, demolition, and hardware installation.

This allows us to expedite completion, limit disruption, and reduce costs. Our workforce is supported by a project team, enabling expedited completion, cost reduction, and limited disruption.

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