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Turner is a North America-based, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments.

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Our people bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. Our expertise and value-added offerings support our clients throughout the lifespan of the construction process.

As the largest general contractor in the country, Turner is a leader in all major market segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, sports, aviation, pharmaceutical, retail and green building.

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Four Seasons Modernization

Four Seasons Modernization

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Turner Engineering Group

TEG is an internal group of Engineering and Architectural professionals that provide technical guidance and design analyses for Turner’s portfolio of projects. Additionally, TEG is a resource for the design management of Design-Build projects and related design team collaboration.

Optimizing Project Delivery

The Turner Engineering Group (TEG) provides design expertise and technical guidance to Turner’s projects, with a focus on both Design-Build and CM@Risk through all phases of design and construction. When established in 2016, TEG primarily focused on Design-Build projects. Since then, TEG has optimized the design and delivery of hundreds of projects varying in contract delivery method, scope of work, and market segments.
With a dedicated staff of architects, engineers, designers, and building technologists, TEG’s involvement enhances the project lifecycle. From site selection and preconstruction planning to constructability analysis and asset management, through collaborative dialogues with stakeholders, TEG delivers project optimization.

Our Approach
As early as possible in the life of a project, a Design Manager engages Turner's teams as well as the designer of record.

The Design Manager provides insight, guidance, and leadership related to both the design itself and the execution of that design — from the creation of project scope and contract agreements, through preconstruction and beyond. This collaborative process identifies potential design and construction risks, as well as opportunities to add value with engineered solutions.

Design Managers in turn engage the expertise of TEG’s Design Specialists, who bring advanced technical knowledge of individual disciplines. Together, Design Managers and Specialists review and evaluate the project’s design development, discipline by discipline, from soil load characteristics to thermal performance and fire egress layouts.

The studies and observations that result from TEG’s design evaluations are reviewed with the designer of record, engineer, and owner. This process encourages collaboration and the sharing of innovative solutions and reflects TEG’s goal to meet client needs and exceed expectations with optimized design solutions.

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Leadership & Team Members

TEG’s professionals ensure every project’s design is efficient and effective.

Our staff includes professional engineers, registered architects, and building technologists with diverse expertise in a variety of disciplines to meet the dynamic challenges of the built environment.

Robert Barbera

Robert Barbera

Senior Vice President

Attilio Rivetti

Attilio Rivetti

Vice President, Director of Design TEG

Joseph Milicia

Joseph Milicia

Vice President, Design Management TEG

Lori Ann Stevens

Lori Ann Stevens

Vice President, Technical Designer TEG

Doug Beach

Doug Beach

Vice President, Senior Design Manager TEG

Resolving the most dynamic design and engineering challenges.

TEG provides technical design services and design expertise in support of Turner’s project teams. Services are delivered by TEG’s Design Managers and Specialists, who are architects, engineers, designers, and building technologists with extensive design, design-build (D/B), and onsite field experience. 

These services support both Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build projects and focus on three primary service lines: Technical Reviews, Risk Analysis, and System Assessments that encompass a growing list of disciplines.


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Geotechnical team provides services to evaluate the subsurface conditions at the site of a proposed project, analyze potential risks posed by site conditions and proposed construction, and potential optimization of foundations, seismic evaluation, grading, shoring, dewatering, paving, and storm-water infiltration/management. The team provides subject matter expertise in geotechnical, geologic, and construction engineering.


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The structural team provides technical feedback on structural-related issues to Turner project teams, external clients, and consultants on projects throughout all phases of conceptual planning, design, and construction. The team has extensive experience in a diverse array of structural materials, loading conditions, serviceability criteria, and structural typologies.

Building Physics

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Building Physics Team leverages industry-standard software and collaborates with the design team to inform building systems selection, assess risk for condensation and organic growth, provide design mitigation strategies, and improve occupant comfort. We provide this through the development of complex models which then predict material impacts as a result of multiple conditions over time.


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The architectural team provides expertise on architecture-related conditions throughout all phases of a project including planning, design, and construction. Our goal is to ensure conformance to building codes, address redundancy, identify gaps, and eliminate potential inefficiencies to facilitate reduced costs and risk.

Building Envelope

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The building Envelope team is experienced in architectural detailing, building envelope performance, and exterior assemblies’ construction. Our mission is to reduce risk, facilitate constructability, maximize energy efficiency, minimize maintenance, and increase resilience against natural and other threats, while also sharing economic solutions.

Mechanical, Plumbing & Fire Protection

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The Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection team provides technical feedback on mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection design including, suggestions of appropriate system types and capacities at conceptual stages, to complete reviews of existing designs for observations regarding constructability, suitability, affordability, operability, and serviceability of mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems to identify and minimize project risks.


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The electrical team assists in addressing design elements and challenges related to electrical systems for Turner projects. We look to optimize design solutions, mitigate risks, and identify constructability issues for power distribution systems, emergency power generation systems, lighting, and lighting controls, and fire alarm systems, to just name a few.

Low Voltage & Technology

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The low Voltage and Technology team provides technical expertise to Turner’s Business Units and Project Teams related to Low Voltage Systems during all phases of planning, design, and construction. We look to optimize design solutions, mitigate risk, and identify constructability items for Network Infrastructure, Network IT Design, Security Systems, Audiovisual Systems, and a diverse set of Building Technologies for various market sectors.

Design Management

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Design Managers provide a comprehensive culmination of design, engineering, preconstruction, and management experience, with a focus on the design-build delivery method. TEG’s Design Managers act as a liaison between the Design Team and Turner’s Operations team and successfully guide the entire Design-Build team from the proposal phase to the construction phase, supported by the TEG design specialists.

Sustainability & Resilience

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Sustainability Design Specialists focus on a client’s sustainability & resiliency objectives of achieving high-performance, energy, and resource-efficient, resilient buildings all while meeting the needs and well-being of occupants. TEG multi-discipline design specialists will deploy a comprehensive sustainability & resiliency review.

Embodied Carbon

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The Turner Engineering Group continues to be a leader in industry efforts and best practices to reduce embodied carbon (EC) in building projects. TEG identifies opportunities for EC reductions and provides guidance to Turner teams throughout all phases of planning, design, and construction.

Offsite Construction

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The Offsite Construction team provides expertise on blending means & methods with design solutions and sourcing considerations throughout all the phases of a project including planning, design, and construction. The offsite team’s goal is to provide teams assistance through guided support and analysis during the design to identify, develop and implement offsite assemblies on the project during all the phases of a project, collaborating with the TEG design specialists in multiple design disciplines.