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Turner is a North America-based, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments.

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Our people bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. Our expertise and value-added offerings support our clients throughout the lifespan of the construction process.

As the largest general contractor in the country, Turner is a leader in all major market segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, sports, aviation, pharmaceutical, retail and green building.

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An awarding and fulfilling career awaits you at Turner! Join our team and build some of the most exciting and innovative projects around the world.

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Four Seasons Modernization

Four Seasons Modernization

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Thanks for your interest in Turner. Whether you are looking to start a project, get support, or just have a general question, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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Insurance & Surety

Turner Surety and Insurance Brokerage, Inc. (TSIB) is a full-service brokerage that supports our clients through a variety of programs and services.

Train, educate, and minimize risk to help clients grow their businesses.

There is no other broker with TSIB’s practical experience and extensive knowledge of construction exposures.

TSIB helps clients protect and grow their businesses through training, education, and risk mitigation. Additionally, their relationships with the largest insurance markets enable them to give clients access to more carriers.

This allows TSIB to provide clients with more risk financing options, giving them the best insurance program that fits their specific risk profiles and premium requirements.  TSIB, offers better coverage for a competitive price, all while protecting your bottom line.

Experience you can trust.

The construction industry has its share of risks.  An obvious and significant way to combat these exposures is through insurance.  It’s critical to partner with a trusted insurance broker that understands the construction industry and its nuances. Whether it's claims services or a surety program that promotes and expands your business, the TSIB team has you covered. 

For information on how TSIB can help your business, visit: or their blog.

Insurance Services

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TSIB provides Property and Casualty policy placements that minimize your company’s risk. In addition to a dedicated account management team, TSIB’s consultative approach allows it to assess, review, and develop a customized risk management solution that is right for you.

Surety Bonding

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TSIB works with General Contractors, Construction Managers and Subcontractors nationally, supporting more than $5 billion of bonded work in place per year.  TSIB has access to leading surety markets and works closely with their clients to select a surety company that meets their specific needs.  TSIB recognizes that ongoing collaboration between the client, surety and broker is critical to the success of any well managed bonding program

Wrap-up Programs

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Projects need to be delivered on time, within budget and at an appropriate level of risk for all stakeholders.  That is why a Wrap-Up program or CIP might be perfect for certain clients. This program is a powerful risk management tool for owners and general contractors that manage a project’s risk, versus using the traditional insurance model.

Wrap Administration

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What truly sets TSIB apart from other brokers is that they manage both Wrap-Up placements and Wrap Administration. Depending on your needs, TSIB can either place coverage and/or alleviate any administrative burden.

Risk Management

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As an owner, construction firm or public entity, TSIB recognizes that you have many exposures and face numerous risks. TSIB’s 5 Step Risk Management Process—identify, analyze, design, implement, and review – streamlines the process giving you one less thing to worry about.

Claims Services

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TSIB’s extensive construction claims experience empowers clients by giving them a voice with the Carrier. Clients are better positioned to reduce exposure, mitigate claims and legal costs, as well as help them navigate what is often a confusing process.

Diversity Utilization and Compliance Services

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TSIB supports the growth and development of certified UBE firms, the workforce and the organizations that hire them. The program reduces the burden and the associated costs of diversity goal compliance and helps increase M/W/DBE (XBE) workforce capacity and utilization.

Construction Risk Experts

The team at TSIB understands the intricate details of construction and how to minimize your company’s risk.

Not only does their team have firsthand experience as construction professionals on project sites, but they also have a unique insurance buyer’s perspective on construction risk assessment.

Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

TSIB President

Laura Laurenzi

Laura Laurenzi

Senior Vice President and Chief Broking Officer

John Chapman

John Chapman

Vice President, Managing Director - Retail Brokerage

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TSIB is committed to helping its clients through training and education. Download TSIB's latest brochure.


Success looks different for each client. That’s why TSIB treats every client as if they were their only client.

Receive unsurpassed client care. Contact a TSIB representative to understand how their team can safeguard your operations.