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Turner is a North America-based, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments.

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Our people bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. Our expertise and value-added offerings support our clients throughout the lifespan of the construction process.

As the largest general contractor in the country, Turner is a leader in all major market segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, sports, aviation, pharmaceutical, retail and green building.

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An awarding and fulfilling career awaits you at Turner! Join our team and build some of the most exciting and innovative projects around the world.

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Four Seasons Modernization

Four Seasons Modernization

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Construction Management

With a proven track record of excellence spanning over a century, Turner is the leading provider of construction services in North America, and throughout the world.


Seamless construction services locally and worldwide

We have the most comprehensive local office network in North America and an international presence that allows us to deliver construction services on a global scale.

Turner delivers local construction expertise, as well as national and global project management.

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Proven expertise to navigate complex Projects with confidence

Your construction partner must be well-versed in different delivery methods as each method has unique advantages, challenges, and risks. Turner navigates contract delivery methods, from design-bid-build and Construction Management At-Risk  to Integrated Project Delivery and Target Value Design with expertise. As your trusted partner, we will help you make an informed decision on the ideal approach based on your project’s complexity, size, and risk level.


This approach involves a linear process where the client hires adesign team to create the project plans, then hires a construction team to build the project.  Some of the benefits of this approach include a clear division of responsibilities and a well-defined project scope.

Construction Management At-Risk

In this approach, the construction management team isresponsible for both the design and construction of the project and assumes the risk for any costoverruns or schedule delays. The benefits of this approach include a more cohesive team and ahigher level of accountability.


This approach combines the design and construction teams into oneentity, with the goal of streamlining the project process and reducing costs. The benefits of thisapproach include a more efficient and cost-effective process and a better alignment of goals between the design and construction teams.

Integrated Project Delivery

This approach involves bringing together all stakeholders, including the client, design team, construction team, and trade partners, to work together as acollaborative team throughout the project. The benefits of this approach include a more efficient project process, better communication, and a higher level of collaboration.

Target Value Design

A method of designing and constructing projects that focuses on achieving a specific cost target while still meeting the functional and aesthetic requirements ofthe project. This approach involves collaboration between the design team, the owner, and the contractor to identify cost-saving measures and optimize the design to meet the target budget.

Market Sectors

Turner's market sector groups deliver the expertise necessary to meet the unique requirements of clients in industries such as aviation, technology/e-commerce, industrial manufacturing, and life sciences.

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Continous Improvement

Our commitment to continuous improvement is fueled by our talented and experienced team, the more than 12,000 people who bring an exceptional level of technical knowledge and innovation to every project. Through a growing portfolio of enhanced services, we meet dynamic needs and exceed expectations.


Pioneering advancements that will reinvent how we work, improve people’s lives, and shape the future of the industry. Innovation starts with a vision and the willingness to explore beyond what is into what could be.

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Lean Construction

We pioneered the use of lean construction practices that drive efficiency on our projects. These techniques eliminate redundancy and waste, enhance collaboration and improve project outcomes.

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Virtual Design & Construction

Our commitment to Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and the capabilities of our teams allow us to visualize and analyze complex scopes of work that enhance decision-making.

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We are creating and sustaining a culture that promotes an incident-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible to live injury-free every day.

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Engineering Group

The Turner Engineering Group provides design expertise and technical guidance to Turner’s projects, with a focus on both Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk through all phases of design and construction.

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