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Wexford Science + Technology

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Interiors, New Construction


494,688 sq. ft., 12-Stories




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Drexel University Health Sciences Building

Impacting the future of the healthcare profession

Turner, in partnership with Perryman Construction, built the new Wexford Drexel Health Sciences Building (HSB) as part Wexford’s uCity development in West Philadelphia.  The project consisted of a 12-story building, plus two levels of MEP Penthouse, totaling 494,688 square feet. Designed by a team at Ballinger who worked closely with Drexel and the end-user faculty, the facility is the new home of both the College of Medicine, which has been consolidated in the HSB, and the College of Nursing and Health Professionals. The building includes 178,500 sq. ft. of classroom space, 98,700 sq. ft. of office/support space, and 87,000 sq. ft. of lab/simulation space.

The lab program includes: physical therapy research labs, music and dance therapy labs, gait and human performance labs, brain imaging, gross anatomy labs, embalming, cadaver storage, a fresh tissue lab, a special prosection lab, and an ‘activities of daily living’ space. The simulation portion of the program includes: operating rooms, clinical and health assessment, patient exam rooms, healthcare personnel safety (HPS) bed bays, and nursing academic clinical support services. Additionally, the new HSB also contains a virtual reality lab, locker rooms, a wellness room, a faith room, a lactation room, and a café in the lobby.

The project was designed to achieve a minimum of LEED-Silver certification.


Being an intentional agent of change

When our leadership team approached this project, it decided to both broaden and deepen its commitment to including UBE firms. To promote the minority firms in the industry, we decided to bring on partners for each of our Wexford Science + Technology projects: Perryman Construction for this project, and McKissack for the neighboring One uCity Square project.  These projects provided us a chance to share our knowledge and our network, and enhance our partners’ portfolios.  Our commitment to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the construction industry means that on larger projects, we partner with minority firms to support their growth and create the equal playing field we want to see in the future.

Superseding minority participation goals

Superseding minority participation goals

Turner-Perryman, working with our client, Wexford, and their consultant, Maven, Inc., conducted repeated outreach events to alert the UBE subcontracting community about opportunities to work on the Drexel Health Sciences Building. By the time the project was bought out, it superceded its 25%-35% inclusion goal to achieve 47.7% MBE/WBE/DBE participation.

This success also extended to the labor force on the Health Sciences Building project. The team instituted a registration log that was kept close to the front door. It was advertised that people in the community could visit the jobsite office and register for work. 155 people signed the log, and 45 of those people secured work on the project.


Equipment procurement and SourceBlue

Unlike the traditional supply chain models, SourceBlue’s approach to planning and preconstruction provides agility through direct connections with suppliers and manufacturers, open-book pricing, and choice in materials and equipment. Many projects in the industry were adversely affected by the Covid pandemic and its effects. Despite Covid and the uncertainties it created in the labor market and the supply chain, the project’s original planned substantial completion date did not move a single day - the project was delivered on the promised date. This was in part thanks to the SourceBlue equipment procurement specialists who worked with the project team to minimize the impact of Covid on the equipment delivery dates.

Preconstruction & operational success

Preconstruction & operational success

During the preconstruction phase, the core and shell GMP was published on April 2, 2020. Turner, working with Wexford and Ballinger, was able to trim the scope and reduce the GMP by $21 million by June 18, 2020. In order to mitigate any impacts to the schedule, Turner started engineering and submittals based on the pending design documents. The Turner team was also able to deliver the project under budget, which enabled Wexford/Drexel to add $3.5 million in out-of-scope items that were funded by the GMP, while maintaining the original schedule, and gave back savings at the end of the project.

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