Turner Facilities Management Solutions (FMS)

Turner's FMS team works with clients to minimize operating costs and start-up challenges while maximizing building efficiency and performance. Our collaborative and integrated FMS team helps guide clients, reduce costs and create safe, comfortable and reliable environments for employees.

Lean Construction Planning & Scheduling

Lean is a comprehensive management approach to deliver the most value from the customer’s perspective while consuming the least resources.  Simply put, Lean is about eliminating waste in all forms.  The use of Lean Construction techniques results in improvements in design team and trade contractor relationships, communication, scope definition, coordination, cost and schedule performance.


Cost Certainty and Comparable Studies 


Value Analysis

Turner provides value analysis consultation on relative costs and evaluate solutions to resolve problems throughout the design process.  The value analysis approach is particularly important if a cost reduction program has to be implemented.  We can develop economic comparisons to assist the architect and owner in achieving the optimum balance between cost, maintainability and function.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability Reviews are performed early in the design process to maximize the favorable impact such reviews may have on overall schedule and to mitigate the influence of faulty construction sequencing, incomplete purchasing of materials, and unsatisfactory design. 

LEED Eco- Charrettes


Site Logistics Planning

Turner will develop a comprehensive logistics plan that facilitates each phase of construction.  The key to this plan is a successful communications strategy that gets the project message out to all stakeholders, as well as a well-developed crisis communications plan. 

BIM and Virtual Design and Construction Services

Utilizing virtual design and construction along with new technology, we have been able to achieve efficiency and cost savings on our projects while increasing communication effectiveness and safety.

Subcontractor Pre-qualifications and Procurement

Through the large volume of construction procurement of various project types, Turner has a pulse on the market at all times.  Turner will procure competitive bids by following a series of time-tested steps that are fine-tuned to meet the needs of each specific project.  Bidders’ lists are prepared from a list of pre-qualified subcontractors as well as specialty firms whose capabilities match the specific requirements of the projects. 

Facility Forecasting, Energy and Life Cycle Analysis

Risk Management

  • Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP):  Turner’s CCIP is wrap-up insurance which provides consolidated General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage for the General Contractor and all enrolled subcontractors.  Our CCIP offers enhanced risk management benefits by providing uniform limits and coverage terms for all participants, eliminating gaps and inefficiencies associated with traditional insurance.
  • Subguard:  Turner offers Subguard to its clients as an alternative to traditional subcontractor bonds.  Subguard is a two-party contract between the insurance company and Turner as opposed to the three-party contracts associated with bonds.  This simple fact alone provides significant advantages to our clients. 

Turner Logistics Bulk Purchase

Turner’s established relationships with more than 200 of the nation’s leading manufacturing firms as well as our network of global-supplier partners allow us to source high-quality, competitively priced construction materials. Turner Logistics helps control cost escalation, reduce change orders and offer our clients volume pricing and total cost of ownership solutions that save money.

Global Sourcing Solutions

We help our clients become as competitive and efficient as possible by driving cost out of the supply chain and managing the procurement of a wide range of construction materials and products.  Our development resources enable us to effectively work with designers all over the globe, making their unique visions reality.


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