Los Angeles / Anaheim

Turner is focused on exploring the most advanced technologies available. Building Information Modeling has become a standard tool for all of our Southern California projects to help project teams reduce trade conflicts and improve collaboration. Our Virtual Design and Construction group is defined by people who specialize in developing three, four and five-dimensional project models during the planning stages.

Turner is committed to the development and application of techniques that allow us to more effectively deliver comprehensive building services to clients. Lean construction practices promote a reliable work flow, which improves the design team/trade contractor relationships. Building Lean also encourages better communication, defines the project's scope and adds to its coordination, budget and schedule performance.

To read more about Building Information Modeling (BIM), please click here.

Los Angeles / Anaheim

555 South Flower Street
Suite 4220
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 891-3000

1900 South State College Blvd.
Suite 150
Anaheim, CA 92806

Phone: (714) 940-9000


  • Reed McMains

    Vice President, General Manager

    (714) 940-9000

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