Utilizing virtual design and construction along with new technology, we have been able to achieve efficiency and cost savings on our projects while increasing communication effectiveness and safety. The process begins during the pursuit of an opportunity to allow for clear communication to the client and the various stakeholders about our plan for construction and how it will impact the campus or community and existing facilities. This is accomplished with 3D site logistics models and 4D construction sequence animations that can communicate our plan and schedule to any party. The site logistics models typically include a 3D representation of the building to be constructed and the surrounding buildings overlaid on a map of the project location that displays the roads and topography of the site. This plan will generally highlight material storage locations, site fencing, construction traffic flow, and site trailer location. The construction sequence animation overlays the schedule and shows the building construction using this 3D model in an animated video.

During the construction phase, Turner leverages subcontractor expertise and the 3D model developed by the design team to coordinate architectural, structural and MEP systems thereby reducing the amount of rework and ensuring successful delivery of the building. Turner has invested in mobile and paperless technology to provide our Superintendents, Engineers and Subcontractors with the most up-to-date documents while reducing the amount of paper and creating a green jobsite. The electronic plan table allows anyone working on the jobsite to view the current documents and those same documents are available to anyone with tablets or mobile devices to access while working in the field.

Once the job has finished, the fully coordinated and as-built model can be transferred to the owner and used by facility maintenance staff. Turner has also developed a proprietary cloud based FM solution that incorporates this coordinated 3D model allowing the owner to integrate the model with their BMS system.


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