Diversity in Construction to be Celebrated by 100,000 People on Turner Jobsites and Offices

September 14, 2022

Turner Construction Company will pause work and hold events to amplify the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the construction industry 

Turner Construction Company is a founding partner of Construction Inclusion Week, which brings members of the construction industry together to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

During Construction Inclusion Week, October 18 – 21, Turner will connect with 100,000 people from approximately 9,000 companies who work on its’ projects each day. People will come together to learn from one another and renew commitments to take action to maintain a safe and inclusive work environment. Participation in Construction Inclusion Week furthers Turners’ efforts to make positive change in the industry for generations of workers to come. 

“Active caring is a guiding principle at the heart of everything we do. Participation in Construction Inclusion Week furthers our work to promote the right environment in the workplace and supports efforts to make our projects and company better reflect the communities in which we build as we intentionally reach out to people and companies who historically have been underrepresented in the construction industry,” said Abrar Sheriff, executive vice president. Abrar continued, “This industry-wide collaboration celebrates diversity and helps build a stronger foundation for equity and inclusion.” 

Turner will hold site-wide events, toolbox talks, and huddles to discuss leadership commitment and accountability for diversity, equity, and inclusion, cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging, and the importance of establishing and maintaining a positive workplace environment. 

Turner is organizing events during the week to support supplier diversity and reaching out to young people, with particular focus on those who historically have been underrepresented in the construction industry, to invite them to explore rewarding career possibilities within the industry. These actions support ongoing workforce development programs that directly connect with community members to make them aware of opportunities to access hands-on training and full-time work in the industry. 

The company has established a 2030 vision to reflect the diverse communities in which we build, and to achieve equal representation at all levels of the company. Reaching the 2030 vision starts with how the company recruits and grows a talent pipeline. Efforts are focused on creating meaningful partnerships, including committing $15 million by 2030 in support of scholarships, grants, pre-college STEM programs and other initiatives. Turner’s 2021 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Impact Report highlights its’ commitments and progress.

Construction Inclusion Week events support Turner’s work to ensure that our workplace is safe, accepting, caring, and welcoming to all people. The company fosters a culture where people can be at their best, be authentic, and be treated with respect and dignity. Turner seeks to provide the right environments in the workplace and eliminate hate and bias so that whoever someone is or what classification they identify with, they feel confident as a member of the construction industry, can see themselves grow, and make an impact in the community.

The construction industry has the capacity to absorb more people into the workforce. The industry offers multiple pathways for people to find fulfillment and well-paying jobs that enable them to provide for themselves and their families. Turner is proud to join other companies and organizations that are addressing the needs of the industry and who are building a stronger, more inclusive, and diverse workforce. 

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