YouthForce 2020 Adds PS 62 Elementary School to Roster

February 18, 2016

The YouthForce 2020 Adopt-A-School program in Turner’s New York office recently added PS 062, in the South Bronx, to their roster, launching a monthly class on the construction industry and STEM themes for the school’s third graders.

“YouthForce 2020 supports Turner’s broader, ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and access to the construction industry by demonstrating the importance of how STEM subjects like math are relevant to their lives with collaborative and hands-on workshops,” said Lauren Tsuchiya, a community and citizenship coordinator. “It’s the right thing to do, and it’s also good for our business because our industry needs a strong talent pipeline. We’re building interest, as well as connections and relationships with future generations of Turner leaders.”

The first session at PS 062 included an introduction to Turner’s history and a fun group construction activity that combines math and marshmallows. Future sessions will include topics from measuring to being green, and a field trip to Yankee Stadium.

Turner launched the YouthForce 2020 initiative in 1989 to promote diversity across race, gender and age in the construction industry by encouraging K-12 students to pursue STEM studies, stay in school and consider construction management as a viable career path. Turner partners with public, parochial and private schools and non-profit organizations to bring STEM education to underserved communities. 


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