jetBlue Terminal 5 Ticketing Upgrades

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project at a glance

Completed within three months, Turner overhauled JetBlue’s 8,000 square foot Terminal 5 ticketing lobby at JFK International Airport. The expansion, which required the selective demolition of walls increased the total amount of open space by 75% in the lobby. Designed by Gensler, the renovated area features 70 kiosks, automated bag tagging options, and repack tables with built-in weight scales. The lobby also feature LED wayfinding signage.
Turner’s ability to quickly mobilize its workforce and work within an active airport were key factors to the project’s success. The expansion was completed over nine phases, and for each phase the team erected temporary walls to safeguard travelers from the on-going construction. In addition to phasing the project, the team coordinated all of its activities with numerous federal agencies to ensure 100% compliance

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