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Innovation: It's How We Build the Future

Innovation has been foundational to our ability to deliver value to our clients and partners.

At the turn of the 20th century we pioneered the use of steel-reinforced concrete for general building to deliver safer, stronger, and more efficient buildings to clients. Today, we apply a deliberate approach to innovation which channels the ingenuity of our people and partners to advance breakthroughs that deliver new value to our clients and partners.

Dedicating Time and Resources to Innovation

Innovation doesn't happen in people's free time. It requires hard work and dedicated teams.

Turner's Innovation team works full-time to identify, evaluate, develop, and implement innovative solutions. They are supported by our Innovation Strategy Committee— a group of senior leaders who are enthusiastic about advancing audacious goals. Our global network of Innovation Champions also plays a key role in innovation development. This group of front-line staff bring a diversity of thought, expertise, and customer-centric perspectives to innovation development.

Accelerating the Pace of Innovation

Turner is committed to accelerating the pace of innovation within the company and the broader industry.

We accomplish this by investing in our staff and culture through initiatives like: The Innovation Summit— an annual event that brings Turner employees together along with business and thought leaders across disciplines, to present and discuss research, exchange ideas, and collaborate; The Innovation Challenge— an ideation program that cultivates and shepherds great ideas from conceptualization to company-wide adoption; Innovation Town Hall Tuesday – a recurring webinar series that pairs Turner innovators with industry experts to transform the way we work; and our strategic engagement and pilot program.

We respond to our employees enthusiasm for finding and sharing new and better ways to take on challenges by providing the support necessary to bring great ideas to fruition.

Bringing Outside Innovation Inside

In order to capture and cultivate great ideas from outside Turner, our Innovation team pursues strategic engagements with academic institutions and early-stage startups working to disrupt the status-quo.

Leveraging Turner's experience, network, and depth of resources, we form partnerships that help all parties advance innovation to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Advance Innovation with Turner

We are always looking for promising start-ups and entrepreneurs with big ideas.

If your company is interested in gaining access to our vast network of professionals and projects and working with our Innovation team to advance innovative solutions, contact us today.

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Innovation In Action

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    President and Chief Executive Officer

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  • Christa Andresky

    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

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  • Rosemarie Demonte

    Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

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  • Pat Di Filippo

    Executive Vice President

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  • Michael Kuntz

    Executive Vice President

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  • Tom Reilly

    Executive Vice President

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  • Abrar Sheriff

    Executive Vice President; President & CEO of Turner International

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  • Patrick Blake

    Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

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  • Lars Leitner

    Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

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  • Rick Bach

    Senior Vice President

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  • Lisa Ballantyne

    Senior Vice President

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  • Chris Beck

    Senior Vice President

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  • Pete Hamill

    Senior Vice President

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  • Mark Iammarino

    Senior Vice President

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  • Charlie Murphy

    Senior Vice President

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  • Matt Papenfus

    Senior Vice President

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  • Dave Robinson

    Senior Vice President

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    Senior Vice President

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  • Chris McFadden

    Vice President, Communications

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