Turner Celebrates Completion of Nintendo Offices

October 21, 2019

Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Nintendo Offices project. In celebration of this accomplishment, the team from Turner’s Toronto office held a two-day Nintendo Switch Tournament and Potluck event, which featured a high intensity Mario Kart gaming competition and all-you-can-eat cuisines brought in by employees.

Turner’s field team working on the project, Victor Koos, superintendent, and Jasinthar Amirthalingam, engineer, discussed the challenges they faced to get the job done on time due to a tight schedule that was complicated by compact work areas. “Some challenges included off hour shifts to limit noise during the daytime, complex communication routing and a seamless weekend relocation of existing server room equipment to avoid inconveniencing Nintendo personnel,” said Victor. “But by focusing on customer needs and long delivery durations of some items, we were able to put bottoms-in-seats on the target date set by Nintendo,” said Jasinthar.

The celebration concluded with a championship round, resulting in the winners of the Mario Kart tournament— Scott Plume, estimating intern, and Sarosh Chaudhry, information services engineer. A special thank you to Deana Tran, from procurement for organizing the successful event.

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