Turner hosts Community Event at Children's Mercy Hospital

April 18, 2016

?A group of employees from Turner’s office in Kansas City recently hosted a Partners in Play event at Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH), working with young patients to create art for the walls of their hospital rooms and then their homes.

“Partners in Play gives some of the kids staying at the hospital a chance to take a break from their rooms, socialize and be creative,” said Heather Dilley, who works in business development. She continued, “It’s so rewarding to see the happiness on the kids’ faces when you helped them have a little fun and it reminds us why it’s so important for Turner to engage with community organizations. In a close knit town like Kansas City it is very easy for people to assume Turner is just a big corporation that works on big projects.  It is very important for our reputation at a local level that we engage in events and/or volunteer.  It shows we don’t just care about what we do at work -- we care about our neighbors who need services as well as the people who provide those services.”

Through their Partners in Play initiative, Children’s Mercy Hospital invites businesses, community groups and organizations to take turns providing a special activity for the children. “The volunteers offered suggestions and then we took a vote on what activity to do,” added Heather. “The kids could use painters’ tape to tape off their name, a design, etc, or just free-hand their artwork. Most of the kids chose to paint their names, while a couple of them went the abstract route.”

Turner is also busy on the Children’s Mercy Hospital campus as a contractor – the firm is building a four-story, 202,000-square-foot medical office building (with three levels of underground parking) across the street from the facility where the painting event took place. 

The Turner team included Jason Sanders, Heather Dilley, Nick Findley, Michelle Whitesell, Lauren Braun, Lexa Palomarez, and Jillian Linn.??


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