Turner’s Office in Philadelphia Earns LEEDv4 Certification

June 09, 2015

Turner’s commitment to sustainability and growing technical expertise results in office becoming 16th commercial interiors project to earn LEEDv4 certification

Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce that the company’s Philadelphia office has earned certification under LEEDv4 for Commercial Interiors. According to the website of the USGBC, the organization that administers LEED certifications, the office is the 16th Commercial Interiors project to earn LEEDv4 certification and the first in the Northeast.

“When we considered our options, we knew we could have easily achieved certification within the LEEDv3 parameters,” said Chris Beck, vice president and general manager of Turner’s office in Philadelphia, reflecting on the decision to pursue certification under the more rigorous standards of LEEDv4. But, he continued, “At Turner we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and thrive on challenges that expand the limits of construction. We were also motivated by the idea of fitting out our new space according to a more rigorous set of criteria that would yield an enhanced work environment.”

The 11,000-square-foot, open-plan office earned LEED credits for green practices during construction – including diversion of more than 75% of construction and demolition waste – as well as for the predicted performance of the complete and occupied space, which features high-efficiency heating, cooling, water, and lighting systems, Energy Star appliances, and abundant natural light.

Additionally, the office earned credits for a number of features and efforts, including its close proximity to public transportation, a long-term commitment on the part of Turner’s staff in Philadelphia to remain in the space for 10 years, and what’s known as Life-Cycle Impact Reduction, which recognizes and encourages the office’s potential for adaptive re-use of interior space, products, and materials.

Added Mr. Beck, “Pursuing certification under LEEDv4 also provided our preconstruction staff with a great opportunity to gain practical experience in evaluating a project in terms of the new version, which has enhanced our technical knowledge and in turn the value we are able to bring to our clients.”

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