Turner's Cincinnati Office one of 118 Turner Offices to Achieve Green Zone Status

June 22, 2012

For the second year in a row, Turner jobsites and local offices were asked to complete the Turner Green Office survey. The survey includes 13 prerequisites and 50 credits in five categories: Well-being and Environmental Quality, Recycling and Waste, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, and Innovation and Design. 

To achieve designation as a Turner Green Zone, a project or office must achieve all 13 prerequisites and at least five additional credits. This year 280 sites completed the checklist and 118 were certified as Turner Green Zone offices, a 26% increase in certified offices from last year. An additional 122 projects achieved at least five credits but were not certified because they missed one or more prerequisites. Of these, 17 missed only one prerequisite and 15 missed two prerequisites. To recognize their achievement, Turner Green Zone projects will receive certificates and hard hat stickers.

Turner Green Zone projects reduce the environmental impact of our operations, minimize operating costs through energy and water efficiency and reduced material consumption, and provide a healthier and more productive workplace environment for Turner staff.

Every Turner office submitted at least one project. The offices that submitted the greatest number of scorecards are:

  • New Jersey 25
  • Cincinnati 24
  • New York 16
  • New York North 16
  • Connecticut 15
  • Philadelphia 15 

The offices with the most Turner Green Zone projects are:

  • Connecticut 12
  • Cincinnati 10
  • Boston 9
  • New York North 9
  • New York 6
  • Seattle 6

The top Ten Turner Green Zone projects are:

  1. Valley Medical Center, Oakland, CA
  2. Baxter TOFX Building, Thousand Oaks, CA
  3. Virginia Mason Level 5 – Jones Pavilion, Seattle, WA
  4. Vorys, Sater, Seymore, and Pease LLP, Cincinnati, OH
  5. Delta T4, Queens, NY
  6. Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway, Kansas City, KS
  7. Houston Independent School District - Lockhart Elementary, Houston, TX
  8. Charlotte Airport Consulting Agreement, Charlotte, NC
  9. Covenant House RTU and Roof Replacement, Philadelphia, PA
  10. UBS Data Center Electrical Upgrades, Milford, CT

A number of Turner offices scored highly. The top scoring offices are:

  • Oakland 33
  • Boston 22
  • Anaheim 22
  • Charlotte 21
  • Los Angeles 20
  • Albany 20
  • Kansas City 20
  • San Diego 20
  • Buffalo 17

We congratulate all the teams who participated, both on projects and in offices, for their commitment to sustainability, and to creation of positive and healthy work environments for their employees.

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