New York City Department of Buildings Approves First Three Dimensional BIM Site Safety Plans

May 30, 2012

Turner Construction Company Receives Approval for Building Information Model (BIM)-based Site Safety Plans 

3D BIM Site Safety Plans Enable Building Inspectors to Take Virtual Tours of Construction Projects and Review them in Real Time on the Construction Site

The New York City Department of Buildings recently unveiled a safety initiative that encourages contractors working on large projects to submit 3D/BIM site safety plans. The initiative makes the City’s Building Department one of the first to accept and review safety plans in this manner.

Turner Construction Company is the first company to have their three-dimensional, Building Information Model-based plans approved by the New York City Department of Buildings. “This is another example of how Turner is using BIM tools for the benefit of our clients” said Pat Di Filippo, Executive Vice President for Turner Construction Company.

“The use of 3D site safety plans is a revolutionary step toward improving construction safety,” said Robert LiMandri, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Buildings. 

Turner created the plans – which show the locations of site fencing, perimeter protection, cranes, hoists and other equipment and materials – using detailed Building Information Modeling tools, and submitted them to the Department of Buildings electronically in both 3D and 2D formats. Digital submission follow-up required fewer office visits and expedited the approval process as the 3D images enhanced communication between field inspectors, office supervisors and Turner. Most importantly, the virtual models and walkthroughs helped identify potential safety risks earlier in the review process, before the start of construction. The approved 2D documents and 3D models were stored in a secure online site from which Building Inspectors could access them in the field on mobile computing devices.

“The digital submission of 3D, BIM-based site safety plans reduced the approval times from weeks to days so that we could mobilize on-site that much faster. The New York City Department of Buildings is showing real leadership in using cutting-edge technologies to make the building process safer,” said Di Filippo.  

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