Pike Place Market Renovation Project

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project at a glance

Pike Place Market is one of the top tourist destinations in Seattle; averaging 10 million visitors annually.  In addition to the visitors the market is home to hundreds of shops and stalls varying in size as well as over 500 low income residents spread across 8 buildings.  The Market will remain fully operational to vendors, residents and tourists throughout the duration of the project. 

The focus of renovation work is centered on replacing the aging core infrastructure at Pike Place Market including all mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems which have reached the end of their useful lives.  Along with replacing miles of sanitary lines will be the installation of a new 4-pipe system that will serve each of the 8-buildings that make up the market.   A new central plant and electrical vault and associated main switch gear will also be installed which feed over 800 new tenant panels throughout the project. 

Structurally, we will be installing several seismic elements, which will run vertically up through each of the buildings in several key locations.   Three new elevators will be installed to provide an accessible connection from the Seattle waterfront to each of the tenant floors within the market.  The market’s exterior skin will also require extensive surgery focusing on the windows and providing a more long-term solution to withstand the destructive nature salt air and UV light. 

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