Turner’s first project in Austin, the First City Centre, a 20-story, 400,000 square foot downtown office building, was completed in 1983. Since that time the firm has held a steady presence in the area working on specific project opportunities brought to us by our respected national clients including HPE, Deloitte, DELL, Wells Fargo, Intel, Nintendo, Cisco, Qualcomm, to name a few. This repeat business allowed the firm to expand into Austin on a full-time basis in 2010. Turner has been active in the state of Texas since 1919 and established an office in Houston in 1968, followed by Dallas in 1984, and San Antonio in 2006.

Turner is known and respected in the Austin marketplace and has collaborated and successfully completed numerous major projects in the past years. The team utilized several means to obtain preferred status in a tightening labor market including: constant communication and outreach to the local Austin subcontractor community, utilizing Lean construction principles such as BIM to provide prefabrication opportunities and reduce the amount of labor needed on site, implementation of a true safety culture and program that attracts the best trade contractors (Building L.I.F.E., and providing a wage scale that attracts skilled trade labor with Davis Bacon Wage Rates.


3737 Executive Center Drive #100
Austin, Texas 78731

Phone: (512) 520-2700


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