Turner Tops Out Placer County Health and Human Services Center

November 04, 2022

Turner Construction Company celebrates the topping out of the Placer County Health and Human Services Center in Auburn, California, alongside design-build partner AC Martin.

The 142,000 square foot “one-stop” service center will improve public access to Health and Human Services (HHS), bringing together the five divisions of HHS, the Adult System of Care; Children’s System of Care; Human Services; Public Health and Environmental Health under one roof.
“We are so proud of our partnership with Placer County. From the moment the Turner + AC Martin team decided to pursue the job, we had one thing in mind: optimizing value to the end-user and community. In so doing, our design solution allowed us to offer the County several added enhancements: including an additional 2,500 square foot community-focused meeting space, a high-performance building envelope system designed by Clark Pacific, and photovoltaic solar panels,” said Tim Blood, Turner’s Design Manager. 

Since breaking ground in the Fall of 2021, Turner + AC Martin have worked hand in hand with Placer County to ensure the facility fosters compassionate care, commitment to a healthy community and development of self-sufficiency among those that receive health and human services is captured within our construction documents and realized through the construction process. Along this journey we continue to celebrate a ZERO lost-time safety record.

“We are so excited to see visible progress on the construction and can’t wait to serve Placer residents, in what will be a welcoming, one-stop Health and Human Services Center,” said Dr. Rob Oldham, Director, Placer County Health and Human Services, Interim Health Officer, Chief Psychiatrist. 

The Health and Human Services Center will be the County’s first zero-net-energy facility, generating as much electricity as it consumes over the course of a year.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

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