Turner Construction Company Recognized as Leading Healthcare Construction Manager

May 20, 2021

Turner’s Experience and Research Offers Valuable Insights into Healthcare Industry 

Modern Healthcare has recognized Turner Construction Company as the top Construction Management Company for healthcare facilities — a distinction Turner has earned for 21 years. In 2020, Turner completed $3.3 billion in healthcare construction projects.

“COVID-19 impacts brought project construction challenges unequaled in modern history,” said Randy Keiser, vice president and director of Turner’s National Healthcare Group. “We are proud of our team’s dedication to overcoming these challenges and completing the work despite many obstacles. We now turn to the future.” 

The volume of work Turner completes includes a combination of large-scale projects and smaller retrofits, rehabilitations and renovations. Turner’s ability to look across the building programs of all sized projects and to aggregate data enables them to identify trends and potential roadblocks as well as create collaborative solutions to programming, designing and constructing facilities. 

“The healthcare construction industry is being challenged by three key components: material price escalation, lack of skilled workers, and reduced availability of capital from hospital owners due to COVID-19,” said Keiser. “These factors combine to create a gap between desired project scope and capital available. This year brings a renewed focus from our team to leverage our experience, buying power, and innovative ideas to achieve client needs.”  

“Over the course of two years, we conducted a detailed study of 171 Patient Bed Tower projects, the most comprehensive look at healthcare design trends for patient bed towers ever compiled,” said Keiser. This study reveals design trends such as gross square footage per bed, floor-to-floor heights, toilet room locations, mirrored versus same-handed rooms, etc. This study is now available to the healthcare industry to benchmark project design versus industry trends. 

“Data driven design is an important aspect to right sizing hospital facilities,” said Keiser. This peer reviewed research paper was recently published in the HERD Journal. 

Providing data driven feedback regarding various design characteristics and frequencies is a strength attributable to building more than $3 billion of healthcare projects each year.

“It is an honor to continue to be recognized as the leading healthcare Construction Manager in the United States,” said Keiser. “It is our privilege to give back to the industry the results of our research.”

About Turner Construction Company
Turner is an international construction services company. With an annual construction volume of US $15 billion, Turner is the largest builder in the United States, ranking first in the major market segments of the building construction field, including healthcare.

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