Turner Completes One Post Street Renovation

October 12, 2020

Turner Construction Company is pleased to share that the Bay Area Special Projects Division team completed the renovation of One Post Street’s plaza and lobby area in Downtown San Francisco.

The team celebrates the success of operating in a very visible, logistically complicated, dense area, above a Bay Area Rapid Transit Station, and with full tenant occupancy for the entirety of construction.

“A key challenge for our team was executing the work within an extremely small project footprint,” said Turner Project Engineer, Taylor Norris. “We had little to no material laydown space and as a result we had to ensure all trades adhered to just-in-time deliveries.” Norris continued, “Additionally, we had to be very meticulous in the sequencing of the work to ensure the site was efficient and allowed a safe working environment for our trade partners. The effort put into these details was well received and led to a beautiful project that the client is happy with.”

The 20,000 square foot renovation featured a revamped, two-story plaza that welcomes tenants as they approach the building. The entrance to One Post Street features a new exterior glass curtain wall system and grand podium with thirty-foot high vertical stone that lead to the sleek, completely renovated lobby space. High-end stone and terrazzo finishes throughout the area gives the space a fresh, clean look that extends back to a tenant gym and locker room area.

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