Turner Celebrates Groundbreaking at the Hackensack University Medical Center 2nd Street Pavilion

October 02, 2019

Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce that the team managing construction of the Hackensack University Medical Center 2nd Street Pavilion in New Jersey gathered to celebrate the start of the project with a groundbreaking ceremony.

As a joint venture between Turner and Blanchard, the 2nd Street Pavilion— which is referred to as a ‘benchmark for the healthcare industry’—will be constructed on, and will span across 2nd Street between the existing Patient Pavilion and the Don Imus-WFAN Pediatric Center for Tomorrows Children.

More than 100 people attended from Hackensack University Medical Center, the Owner’s Representative—Stantec, members of the design and consulting team; RSC Architects, WSR Architects, Syska & Hennessey, Concord Engineering, Reuther Bowen Structural Designer, EDA and others.

Also in attendance was New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, Hackensack Meridian Health CEO Robert Garrett, and Hackensack University Medical Center President Mark Sparta. During the event, Robert Garrett said that this project is the largest health care expansion project that was ever approved in the state of New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy said that the 2nd Street Pavilion will provide more than half a million square feet where families from across New Jersey can receive cutting-edge and forward-looking care.

“The presence of the numerous elected officials truly pronounced the significance of this project,” said Mike Henry, MEP engineer. “However, I do not believe a project of this magnitude could be handled successfully without the involvement of our Turner team. Teammates, RSC Architects and EYP Associates were mentioned multiple times during the ceremony, but when we hand over the keys to the client in 2022, I have a feeling Blanchard Turner will not be forgotten,” said Mike.

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