Lakeside Alliance Launches Website to Share Updates on Construction of the Future Obama Presidential Center

February 27, 2018

Lakeside Alliance, the construction manager of the Obama Presidential Center (OPC), is excited to announce its newly launched website, The website, created with the community in mind, will provide community members with the opportunity to learn more about the Lakeside Alliance team, the construction of the OPC, how to receive more information on subcontracting and hiring, and other exciting news about the OPC. 

“Lakeside Alliance joins the community and the entire city of Chicago in the excitement and enthusiasm in building the Obama Presidential Center right here on the South Side,” said Pamyla Brown, community and citizenship director at Turner Construction Company. “Lakeside Alliance and the Obama Foundation want this process to be as transparent, efficient, and effective as possible, which is why we are launching this new website. It will ensure that anyone and everyone interested in learning more or getting involved in the construction of the OPC will have access to the information and resources they need to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime project.”

Though in its infancy, when fully developed, the website will connect community members, contractors, vendors, workers, and other visitors to information on how to get involved in the construction of the OPC as well as other helpful resources. This will include information on how to connect with skilled trade apprenticeship programs, local training organizations, and the City of Chicago’s Department of Procurement Services, which is rich with information regarding supplier diversity programs. 

The website has fillable forms for contractors, vendors, potential workers, and general inquiries. Contractors and vendors will use the form to provide an introduction to their firm and schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Lakeside Alliance procurement team. Candidates interested in skilled trade opportunities or other positions related to the project can also submit an interest form.

The website will also highlight a variety of youth initiatives designed to introduce students to the world of construction. A calendar of events will be updated on a regular basis to advertise outreach events, workshops, and/or community-wide events, such as festivals, resources fairs, and more.

Eventually, users will be able to sign up to receive alerts about the projects and special events.  

Visit for more information.

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