Turner Memphis Office Recognized by ABC for No-Cost OSHA Training Program

February 02, 2018

The Memphis, Tennessee chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) recently recognized Turner’s local Environmental Health & Safety staff with an award for an OSHA training initiative, which has so far provided the OSHA 30 Hour training to more than 70 minority and women small business owners (MWBEs) at no cost. And they hope to graduate at least as many more in the coming year.  

“We’re proud to be recognized by ABC, especially with their Safety Training Evaluation Process, or STEP Platinum Award,” explained Guy Hughes, project Environmental Health and Safety manager, who led the training program. “As an industry leader, it’s incredibly important that Turner set an example when it comes to safety. I think one of the ways we do that is by working to improve everyone’s safety performance across the board. Helping contractors continue their training and get their OSHA 30 is a major part of that. The award reflects the truth that when we elevate the safety of all our contractors, we all feel the benefit.” 

Turner offered the course three times last year, in March, June, and November. And, given the program's success, they will begin offering it again in early April. They are also offering the training to Turner subs and the ABC.  

"We feel that with knowledge comes success," continued Guy, referring to his program co-organizers Frank Parker and Kyle Reaves. "We've been involved in this endeavor for 10 years or so, and we've had similar programs on two other projects." He continued, "It's not primarily about rules or the law, though of course it also is. It's about giving employees the knowledge to make a safer work environment for themselves and their coworkers. We tell them when they sign up that the class is free, but the card isn't: once you have the knowledge you have to use it to protect others."  

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