Completion of the Freedom Center Adds to South Huntsville Revitalization Efforts

January 06, 2017

Turner Construction Company has completed the three-phase Freedom Center expansion and renovation project

Turner Construction Company’s Huntsville office has announced today its completion of the Freedom Center in southeast Huntsville.

Freedom Real Estate and Capital, a real estate investment company, developed the Freedom Center using previously acquired properties at 4090 South Memorial Parkway and 4035 Chris Drive as the cornerstones. The project is part of an effort to revitalize South Huntsville. The city of Huntsville has been working to reclaim, modernize and upgrade Memorial Parkway to encourage investment and redevelopment in the area.

“South Huntsville was a thriving area for retail and businesses in the ‘60s and ‘70s. We understand the history here and are proud to have worked alongside the city of Huntsville to breathe life back into this once vibrant area of town,” said Bill Roark, CEO of Freedom Real Estate and Capital.

“As a Huntsville native, I can recall what South Huntsville used to look like – and how popular it once was,” said Lee Holland, project executive with Turner’s Huntsville office and operations lead on the project. “This is a significant project for Huntsville. Companies like Freedom Real Estate are increasingly investing in the redevelopment of the area. We’re thankful to have played a small role in those efforts with the construction and renovations at the Freedom Center.”

The Freedom Center, which is now home to Torch Technologies, Inc. will serve as a hub for business close to Redstone Arsenal.

The project was broken up into three phases. During phase one, which was completed in October 2015, Turner renovated a 40,000-square-foot, four-story building at 4090 South Memorial Parkway—Torch Technologies’ new headquarters. Phase two involved the construction of a one-story, 12,000-square-foot building, which now serves as a connector of the two existing properties developed by Freedom Real Estate and Capital. The new building features office and training space as well as a conference center. Phase three of the project included HVAC replacement, lobby and elevator refurbishment and a new roof for the four-story building at 4035 Chris Drive.

To ensure smooth delivery, Turner implemented lean construction practices.

“The logistics of completing an addition and renovation while the client maintains operations in existing buildings can be tricky. To combat any major logistical issues, we used a pull planning process – a scheduling method that allows you to work backwards from project milestones to help identify inefficiencies and produce a predictable flow of work,” Holland added. “Careful coordination and regular communication were crucial to our success.”

The Freedom Center’s frame is made of steel and features aluminum panels, storefront glass and masonry. Working alongside Turner, the design team included Matheny Goldmon Architecture + Interior, 4 Site Incorporated, PEC Structural Engineering and SSOE Group.

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