Turner Partners with Coronado Hills Elementary to send First Graders on Field Trip, Earns High Praise from Students: 'Turner Rules!'

February 11, 2015

At their annual holiday party, Turner's Denver office raised $1,000 through individual donations, which enabled four first grade classes at Coronado Hills Elementary in North Denver to go on an end of year field trip. 

To present the donation, Turner employees visited the school and had the opportunity to lead a marshmallow construction project, splitting into teams to help create marshmallow structures, talk about Turner, show pictures of Turner projects, and demonstrate the proper way to wear personal protective equipment. “Thank you all so much for raising the funds to help our students go on this field trip.  It would not have been possible to go without your help," said Tanya White, a first grade teacher at Coronado. She continued, "And thank you for taking the time to come spend the afternoon with our students.  It meant a lot to the students and the teachers.”

Coronado Hills Elementary, and many other schools lack funding for the first grade due to hiring needs, stringent competition for limited grant money, and rapidly growing student populations. Coronado Hills serves a high-need population, with many students relying on the school as a safe, warm place to learn and grow throughout the school year.

The group also earned high praise from the students, who said, “I hope I can be in construction when I grow up.  It’s SO cool!" and invited the Turner group back to be substitute teachers any time. 

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