Denver Special Projects Division Awarded Two Interior Renovation Projects

November 12, 2013

Turner Construction Company's Special Projects Division was recently awarded two interior renovation projects. The first project for Verizon Wireless includes the fit out of their second floor administrative space in Colorado Springs, CO. The scope includes office furniture for 30 employees, a conference room, copy room, office, storage room, and a new break area. This project is expected to complete in February 2014.

The second project is the tenant development and relocation of approximately 102,000 RSF office space for a confidential business aviation communication firm who will be consolidating their two offices into a single headquarters in Broomfield, CO. The new space will house approximately 600 members of their staff. The facility will incorporate general office, multiple dry lab spaces, several EMC Chambers, small manufacturing/FAA repair stations, and potentially a generator/infrastructure backup. Also, there will be some structural framing support work required to install multiple satellite dishes on contiguous roof space. This project is expected to complete in September 2014.

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