Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove Campus

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project at a glance

The Sugar Grove Campus for Waubonsee Community College is made up of three projects. The first is a 48,000 square foot Science Building that  houses classrooms and labs used by students studying biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, earth science and geology. Among the classrooms are four 48-seat lecture halls that are some of the biggest rooms on this campus. A second floor bridge was constructed to connect the Science Building to an adjacent building on the campus.  An atrium-like glass structure serves as the two-story building’s front entrance and is lit up at night.

The second project is The Academic & Professional Center, a 63,000 square foot building, that houses multipurpose meeting spaces, a catering kitchen, administrative and staff offices, classrooms and computer labs.  The multipurpose meeting space can be reconfigured with two operable partitions and hosts all graduations, career fairs, and is available for any of a number of events.  There is also a 96-seat seminar room that is used for instruction as well as guest lecture space.

Third project is the Student Center, a 2-story, 65,000 square foot building that houses student registration, admissions, counseling, advisor and recruiting rooms, student activities areas, classrooms and testing rooms, bursar’s office, financial aid offices, administrative and staff offices, a full service catering kitchen, housekeeping as well as receiving areas and a 300-seat main dining area.

In addition to the buildings constructed on the Campus,  work included numerous site improvements including, landscaping, installation of patios and walkways in place of sidewalks and resurfacing of parking areas. Other site improvements included the relocation of the children’s playground, replacing and installing new site lighting and emergency phones throughout the Campus and the demolition of the existing Kiln Yard and construction of a new Kiln Yard.

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