Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

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Turner oversaw several phases of construction projects at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. This is the second oldest zoo in the United States, registered as a National Landmark because of its significant architecture in the Elephant House, Reptile House, and the Passenger Pigeon Memorial.

Key projects during the program included a new Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) animal research facility, new administrative offices, a new 1,300 square foot 4-D Theatre, new Bull Elephant Yard, new two-story Kids' Shop retail store, expanded Giraffe Ridge Exhibit, renovated 21,000 square foot Lords of the Arctic polar bear exhibit, new 11,500 square foot Manatee Springs swamp exhibit, and 4-acre Vanishing Giants Exhibit for elephants.

The new Harold C. Schott Foundation Education Building on campus includes a 33,000 square foot, three-story education center for conservation education and community involvement.  The building includes a theatre and a 4,500 square foot working greenhouse.  This project was LEED Certified in 2007.

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