Center for Applied Energy Research Laboratory

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The Center for Applied Energy Research Laboratory (CAER)is a 43,000 square foot, high-performance building that supports research and manufacturing of biofuels, solar technology, and advanced batteries for hybrid and electric cars. Connecting the facility’s operations to its philosophy are a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, including geothermal heating and cooling (closed-loop system), Nano Gel-filled windows to trap insulation and increase natural daylight, and energy recovery wheel and high-capacity air exchange system to monitor air exhaust use.
The project is designed to lower operational costs for the CAER program, while educating the staff and users of the facility about the latest energy technologies being used in the building.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) required the project to use only domestically produced materials  which means that 100% of the permanently installed materials are made in America, down to every nail and bead of glue.

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