Northern Kentucky University Griffin Hall Center for Informatics

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Griffin Hall, Northern Kentucky University's new home of Informatics is a unique and inviting digital facility for a new generation of professionals to build the region's information economy. Designed to attract and retain artists, musicians, doctors, entrepreneurs and scientists, Griffin Hall will supply new workforce talent, technically skilled and broadly prepared, to the region.

This glass and concrete facility on Northern Kentucky University's campus provides a stimulating, dynamic, learner-centered environment of 127,000 square feet. It includes classrooms, computer labs, a digitorium, television / media studios and control rooms, teaching labs, research / partnership space, a CAVE (computer-assisted virtual environment), offices and support space.

The name "Informatics" embraces the modern concept of information in all its aspects:  information management, infrastructure, processing, presentation, dissemination and analysis.  Griffin Hall offers a venue to apply theories and technologies of information to other fields, with the latest tools available to students.

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