University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital

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The University of Kentucky's one million square foot patient care facility was finished in two phases, allowing for the step-by-step replacement of their existing hospital. The hospital is the cornerstone for a 20-year, $2.5 billion construction plan for an academic medical campus of the future.

The hospital includes emergency care, interventional care, imaging and surgery, including two new towers of private patient rooms.  Additional family support space includes waiting areas, food services, and a patient library.   

The University of Kentucky Patient Care Facility Pavilion A is part of the academic medical campus, which will include additional research buildings, a new shared health Sciences Learning Center, and additional buildings to house the programs of the colleges of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and health.

Turner Logistics provided equipment for the patient care facility, Albert B. Chandler Hospital, at the University of Kentucky. Equipment included an uniterruptible power supply system, switchboards, panelboards and control centers. Other upgrades included additional ICU beds, acute care beds, emergency department spaces and build outs in emergent radiology areas.

Turner also took advantage of BIM’s capabilities to streamline the prefabrication of materials and coordinate a smooth field work flow. Prefabrication is the process of assembling structural components in a factory or other manufacturing site, and then transporting them to the construction area.

Turner’s BIM engineers teamed with MEP subcontractors as part of their construction management services for the ten-level 1,300,000 square foot patient care facility. During the infrastructure planning stages, electrical conduit/piping was assembled and shaped off-site and then delivered to the jobsite just in time. The BIM virtual renderings also enabled subcontractors to resolve any design inconsistencies and identify the exact locations for pipe and ductwork hangers.

The adoption of prefabrication principles made it possible for Turner to establish a budget that was $3 million under the owners’ initial target.

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