Wexford Drexel Academic Tower

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Turner, in partnership with Perryman Construction, is building the Wexford Drexel Academic Tower (DAT) as part of Wexford Science + Technology's uCity Square development in West Philadelphia. The project consists of a 12-story building, plus two levels of MEP penthouse, totaling 450,000 square feet. Designed by Ballinger, the facility will be the home for both the College of Nursing and Health Professionals and a significant portion of the College of Medicine. The building will include classrooms, offices, simulation spaces, physical therapy, and laboratories. The project has been designed to achieve a minimum of LEED-Silver certification and will be substantially complete in July 2022.

This project is part of Wexford's continued expansion of uCity Square, the innovation community it has helped create in West Philadelphia that features a visually interesting built environment and promotes neighborhood and community development. It activates and enhances the pedestrian experience, includes engaging public art, offers inclusive programming, creates inviting public spaces, and facilitates an environment where companies and their employees can live, work, play, learn and discover. Wexford and Turner-Perryman are working hand-in-hand to expand opportunities for UBE's through community outreach and engagement designed to provide opportunities and build up trade partners on the project.


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