Denver Health Outpatient Medical Center

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Turner provided preconstruction and construction management services through an Integrated Project Delivery approach for this 290,583 square foot seven-story outpatient care facility on Denver Health’s active hospital campus. The building includes lab space, radiology, public health areas, surgery suites, GI labs, behavioral health areas, oncology, infusion, imaging, dentistry, oral surgery, ENT, rehabilitation, and support space. The structure spans 7th Avenue at the 3rd floor and provides a collaborative work environment for hospital personnel with more efficient clinical space and building operations. Turner led the Target Value Design effort with significant early input from trade-partners.

Fast track strategies included a panelized wall system, which was fully prefabricated (with the exception of thin brick), and use of a fully-bolted moment frame structure with prefabricated connection points, allowing erection to begin immediately after foundations without waiting on concrete cores or shear walls.

Turner communicated with the project team through collocation, Big Room meetings, and Procore, in addition to traditional methods. Cost and schedule were maintained through a Target Value Design process, using component teams to ensure that any justifiable increase in one team was offset by a reduction somewhere else.

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