Centers for Disease Control and Prevention East Parking Deck

project at a glance

The design-build team of Turner Construction Company and tvsdesign were awarded the CDC East Parking Deck. This fast-tracked project started in July 2019, with an 18-month duration, was completed in December of 2020.

This large and complex project includes extensive site enabling an infrastructure work on a very tight site on an operating campus. The team was tasked with executing this work with no interruptions to utility services on campus and minimal disruptions to ongoing campus activities.

The scope of the work includes an1800-space,eight-level parking deck that includes a solar panel array on its roof. The parking deck includes a sky bridge that connects it to the CDC's Building 23 laboratory.

This is the fourth major project the Turner-tvsdesign team has been awarded by CDC and the second that is being delivered via the design-build method.

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