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Turner provided preconstruction and design-build services for a 240,000 square foot colocation data center facility cold dark shell built near the existing 34 MW, 300,000 square foot West Jordan Data Center on Aligned’s Salt Lake City campus. The project scope included 24 MW MEP Prep, 12 MW MEP Install, and six MW Delta³ cooling deployment across two data halls all at once.
The facility provides adaptable, efficient, and sustainable data center infrastructure to enable enhanced availability, performance, and scale for customers’ growing cloud and application workloads in the region. Aligned’s data center campus features the company’s patented “Delta Cube” (Delta) cooling technology, which allows customers to scale up to 50kW per rack.
The project featured modular UPS containers, taking the place of a traditional electrical room. The UPS pods stored most of the major electrical equipment in the equipment yard and contain: automatic transfer switch, main distribution board, UPS cabinet with the battery arrays, bard air conditioning units, IT cabinets, and low voltage distribution panels and transformers.
Through modularization, Turner realized several efficiencies in safety, cost, schedule, and quality. While compressed schedules sometimes result in trade stacking and work in energized rooms, the plug-and-play units afforded an efficient workflow. The major cost saving came in labor hours and material. The proximity of the equipment within the pod eliminated the need for elaborate conduit runs and expensive feeders. The pods were fabricated in a local facility while the site prepared for their placement, allowing Turner to stack activities in the schedule without physically occupying the same space. The standardized design allowed for duplication of process with little deviation. Quality control inspections were executed quickly and efficiently.

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