Kempegowda International Airport - T2 Expansion, Bengaluru

project at a glance

Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 expansion project includes a 2,55,000 square meter terminal to serve a passenger capacity of 27 million passengers per annum upon completion. Inspired by Bengaluru's historic reputation of being India's "Garden City," the terminal will recall Bengaluru's expansive park and plantings. This project is founded on four pillars: technological leadership, the idea of a terminal in a garden, environmental and ecological stewardship, and a celebration of Karnataka's rich heritage and culture. The retail space at the terminal will feature a large indoor garden with rammed-earth walls and waterfalls providing a gateway into the dense landscape. The shopping area will be connected to the gates through the terminal's signature space - a vast, three-story "forest belt" designed to create an immersive, calming outdoor experience for departing and arriving passengers alike.

Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 expansion project also consists of a CAT IIIB compliant runway, parallel taxiway, partial second parallel taxiway, runway connecting taxiways, taxiway links, cross field taxiways to connect to the existing airfield, partial second parallel taxiway to existing runway, Ground Service Equipment underpass, Eastern Access Underpass Tunnel, and the terminal T2 apron. This includes the provision of airside service roads, airside perimeter walls and roads, watch towers, and perimeter lighting.

The Eastern Access Underpass Tunnel will be the first tunnel in the country open for vehicular traffic passing underneath an active taxiway. The terminal is targeting LEED Gold.

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