Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex

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project at a glance

Turner was contracted (via three separate contracts) by Shell & Bechtel to construct nine buildings on the campus of the Pennsylvania Chemicals project in Monaca, Pennsylvania. These buildings include an Administration Building, Fire-Medial Building, three warehouse/ maintenance buildings, a train car wash building, train car maintenance building, and two guard houses. The opening of the Shell cracker plant is expected to have a major impact on both the immediate area, as well as the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

With the exception of the Administration and Fire-Medical Buildings all other buildings are being delivered through a design-build partnership with Highland Associates. Five of the buildings are pre-engineered metal buildings, while the guardhouses are pre-fabricated units.

All of these building will serve as support spaces for the 600 employees of Shell that will be utilizing the facility, starting in 2021. The total volume of all construction throughout the campus is estimated at $6 billion. Construction of the plant started in 2016 and will conclude in 2021.

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