Butler University, Hinkle Fieldhouse Efroymson Family Gym Renovation & HVAC Upgrades

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Mechanical upgrades to the Hinkle Fieldhouse Main Gym included demolition of the abandoned 92 year-old coal fired boilers, fans and associated supporting steel and concrete. Two 60,000 CFM air handling units along with supplemental chillers, boiler and pumps were installed in the existing sub-basement mechanical room. Space limitations required the AHUs be assembled in place and stack on top of each other. Ductwork serving the main gym area was installed from the sub-basement to the top of the arena roughly 80 feet over court level and required a hanging scaffolding system to access the work area. The heating units in the concourse level were replaced with blower coil units, ductwork and mechanical piping to provide cooling and heating to the first floor concourse. Seating and main court lighting have been installed throughout the main gym. The court lighting is an NCAA championship level LED lighting system. 
The Efroymson Family Gym was stripped of all mechanical and electrical systems. Structural steel modifications were made to support a new 26,000 CFM air handling unit added on the roof of the gym that provides air conditioning as well as a heat source. Chilled water, heating water and power was extended through the gym to serve the new AHU. The practice gym brick walls were stripped of paint to expose the historic brick and received LED lights, wall pads, divider curtains and a state of the art wood gym floor.
The soccer locker room was completely demolished to install showers, restrooms, air conditioning via fan coil units, custom wood lockers and finishes.

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