K2 Sports Renovation

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K2 Sports, operated on Vashon Island since the early 1960s, moved its global headquarters to Seattle. The urban location brings new efficiencies that facilitate K2's recruiting efforts and provide easy access for all modes of transportation.  The new headquarters houses all of K2 Sports' U.S. operations under one roof for the first time in the company's history. 

Turner provided preconstruction services and built K2 Sports' new facility in Seattle, some 28 thousand square feet of finished office space within an existing 310,000-sf warehouse.  The new offices house the more than 200 employees-sales, finance, customer service and legal departments, product development, machine shop, test lab and prototyping personnel.  Nearly 90,000-square feet of multi-purpose space has been converted into a new state of the art ski and snowboard prototyping facility and a unique marketing and showroom environment.

The new office space at K2 connects to the two story existing office into a two-story structure within the north portion of the former warehouse with windows that have an overview of the machine shop, test lab and warehouse.  The project features exposed OSB wall and floor finishes, multi-faceted “sloped” wall, open floor plan (upstairs), integration of existing warehouse roof structure & skylights into the upstairs space which serves as a showroom and display area for the variety of brands that fall under the K2 Sports moniker.  The project included restroom and shower facilities for the over 200 employees in order to facilitate the bike commuters and exercise habits.

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