Library Learning Center

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The Library and Learning Center was constructed to be a focal point of the campus and a beacon for the surrounding community. It will provide environments that support increased research pursuits, promote active learning and provide a space for urban programming that welcomes the community. 


The 137,000 square foot academic building contains state-of-the-art technology designed to foster a collaborative learning environment. Spaces include: bookstacks, open study spaces, computer labs, seating areas, a large gallery and multipurpose space, staff areas, a café with an outdoor seating area. The facility also offers collaborative group study spaces, dedicated access and meeting spaces for alumni, and a Digital Media Center for emerging professions in archival and museum digitization projects. 


Unique features include electrochromic glazing that automatically adjusts tint levels for more efficient energy use, exterior porcelain panels designed to lower maintenance costs, auger cast piles, and hollow core planks.

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