City of Seattle Police Support Facility

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The City of Seattle Police Support Facility consisted of the renovation, alternation, and earthquake damage repair to two buildings. Building A, a four-story office building, required reconfiguration and renovation of its first floor. New offices and training rooms were constructed, as well as the completion of earthquake repair and upgrades. Building B houses the maintenance equipment. Building C, a 125,000 square foot tilt-up structure originally containing offices and warehouse storage, was gutted and renovated to contain training rooms, conference facilities, a fitness center, a sleeping area, locker rooms, storage, and laboratories.

The City of Seattle, Turner, DKA and the entire design team worked together in the pre-construction and construction phases to develop and implement sustainable strategies to achieve a LEED Silver or higher rating. Building C achieved a LEED Gold certification and Building A recently achieve a LEED CI Silver Rating under the CI Pilot program. Sustainable building and design methods included: Controlling erosion, maintaining good indoor air quality through-out the project, recycling 96% of construction waste, and championing the use of recycled, salvaged, locally procured and Low VOC materials. Additionally Turner installed an extensive water reclamation system, to harvest ground water for irrigation, flushing toilets, and for vehicle washing. The buildings are energy efficient, have raised access floors, contain FSC certified wood, efficient HVAC systems and are very healthy buildings in which to work.

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