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The QTS Ashburn-Broderick Data Center included the construction of a phased 400,000 gross square foot facility with a 335,000 square foot data center and a 65,000 square feet of office space in Northern Virginia’s "Data Center Alley." The innovative project will be a retail collocation facility designed to accommodate a 32 MW total capacity. The project is designed to be modular, scalable, and flexible in its design. Once completed, the project will house 12 column-free data halls across three floors, which includes three data halls, one per floor, per quadrant.

The scope of Turner’s work includes an 8 MW initial fitout and white space for additional 2 MW data hall in the data center, complete fit-out of the office space, and the associated sitework, blasting, and utilities. The facility’s modular design offers commissioned power and white space well ahead of the building’s completion. The project’s phased schedule enables Turner to turnover portions of the building to the client exponentially faster than traditional facilities on the market, allowing speed to market and revenue generation as early as possible.

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