The Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech

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Known as The Tata Innovation Center and located on New York City's Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech’s innovative, 240,000 square foot corporate collocation building aims to foster dialogue between private industry and academia, and to accelerate the pace of innovation at Cornell Tech.

That unique mission is reinforced and reflected by the building layout and crystalline structure, which promote interaction, transparency, and engagement between all building occupants. The structure features cantilevered southwest and northeast wings, wrapped in a unitized curtain wall that feature unique “fins” and frit-patterned glass accentuating the triangular glass form.

To realize the cantilevered wings, the project team crafted a series of temporary steel structures on which load bearing trusses were erected. Once the trusses were in place, the temporary supports were removed, allowing for the construction of the wings.  During the entire process Turner, in close collaboration with project’s engineer, constantly surveyed the site to ensure the elevated structure settled according to strict specifications.


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