United States Capitol Building Dome Restoration

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The restoration of the United States Capitol Dome was completed by a joint-venture of Turner Construction and Smoot Construction. The Dome was constructed of nearly 10 million pounds of cast iron more than 150 years ago. Due to constant exposure to the elements, the Dome had begun to deteriorate structurally and cosmetically since the first, and last, time it was restored in 1960. The Turner-Smoot project consisted of repairing more than 1,000 cracks to restore the Dome to a watertight enclosure and included the restoration, repair, and replacement of cast iron and ornamentation. The exterior lead paint was removed and new coatings were applied to protect the Dome from corrosion and effects from the elements. The project required a complete scaffold system(25 levels and over 1.2 Million pounds) around the exterior of the Dome, as well as in the Rotunda where additional restoration work was completed.

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