Army National Guard Readiness Center

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The Army National Guard Readiness Center Addition is a 250,000 square foot, multi-story Headquarters and administrative building. The addition includes includes systems and features similar to those of the original facility, to which it is connected via an enclosed pedestrian bridge: an emergency power generator and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup, special administrative areas within sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs), a telecommunication center, joint operations center, general officer suites, auditorium, conference, and training rooms. Supporting facilities include access roads, security fencing and sidewalks.  
The project had a large sitework package that included infrastructure upgrades as well as physical security measures due to the classified nature of much of the information within the facility. Supporting facilities includes access roads, security fencing; sidewalks, physical security measures including maximum feasible standoff distance, internal bracing to prevent progressive collapse, blast walls, berms, heavy landscaping and bollards to prevent access when standoff distances cannot be maintained, tie-in to existing utilities, and a landscaping package. 
The facility is LEED Gold certified and includes such sustainable features as high-efficiency MEP equipment throughout, designated parking spaces for hybrid vehicles, showers and bike racks to encourage sustainable commuting, large windows to allow natural light in and views of the outside from within, 90% construction waste recycling, use of indigenous plantings to reduce irrigation needs and a green roof / courtyard space on the roof of the building for the use of employees, including picnic tables and other seating to promote outdoor breaks for employees.

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