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The renovation of Harvard University's Sherman Fairchild science building included a reconfiguration of laboratory layouts to better support collaborative research practices for the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology (SCRB). The project also included an interior fit-out of laboratory spaces with mechanical and electrical systems to support the new program.

In addition, the buildings 30 year-old mechanical systems were replaced; the interior, infrastructure and a portion of the mechanical penthouse enclosures were demolished. The exterior enclosure remained with minor alterations to the glass and glazing and replacement of sealants. The structural system also remained with minor alterations.

Sherman Fairchild achieved LEED-CI Platinum certification and is tied for the highest number of LEED-CI points achieved in the world. The first project to use the 2009 Harvard Green Building Standards, which requires minimum LEED Gold certification, Sherman Fairchild is a notable example of a project that defined green building as more than just LEED certification. Through integrated design, life cycle costing analysis, and energy modeling, the project documented a comprehensive decision-making process that continues to be used as an example for other projects.

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