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LIVESTRONG sporting park, home of Sporting Kansas City, is an 18,500-seat stadium that presents Major League Soccer games and other field sports, with a fan capacity of 27,000 for concerts.

The facility includes a number of amenities for players, including a high-end clubhouse area, complete with hydrotherapy room, shower areas, cardiology workout rooms, and players' lounges, as well as locker rooms, the team doctor's office, reception and maintenance areas, and administrative and support areas.

The bluegrass natural turf playing field has a sub-air heating and moisture management system and a metal and polycarbonate canopy system, which allows year round use and a quick turnaround time in field preparation after inclement weather.

An outdoor plaza area located on the west side of the stadium is utilized for concerts and private events. Retail, office complex and youth soccer field components will be part of a future development.

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